Setting the Standard for User-Friendly
Design and Reliability
ARC builds on a century of innovation in designing and manufacturing electrical distribution systems. Arc’s Charge Station enables fast Level 6 charging on the road. It is capable of reducing charge time from 12-18 hours to minutes, with service needs of 308 440VAC at 40A, assuming a 24kWh battery and a full-cycle charge. The Arc’s modular design allows for easy upgrades as owner’s needs change and more options become available.The Arc Charge Station is ideal for various  ocations. It can also help developers of commercial  properties achieve higher LEED status for setting parking for low-emission vehicles and reducing conventional commuting trips. The Arc Charge Station is also perfect for residential settings, where its user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for consumers wanting a durable, safe, at-home solution. The Arc Station provides a wide versitile stuff to do while you wait for your vehicle lounge, cafe, sofas, computer stations stay comfortuable and relax while you await for your vehicle. With Arc’s glass design to look over your car when ever you desire. For more information log on to
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